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Calendar Tips

1. Title your event with a clear name. It is not necessary to put the date in your title. That will appear as a field as you complete the form.

2. Put in a description of the event. You should add contact information in this area also.

3. Make sure you complete the fields. Don't skip these steps. Add the location, the department, etc.

4. WVU uses the tag field to do many of the feeds into webpages. If you are not an approver, you will not see this field but if you need assistance contact your college or department's calendar approver.

5. Add a photo-it is a vital step. You can select from the library if you do not have a photo. It is your responsibility to do this. 

6. You must add alt text for your photo. This is an accessibility mandate. If it is a photo of students in front of Woodburn, you would add the alt text, "WVU students are posing for a photo in front of Woodburn Hall."

7. Add the plain text summary that can be displayed on the digital signage as a feed.

8. Anyone with a WVU login may submit an event.

9. Please write a.m. or p.m. in this manner in the description areas.

10. Questions can be emailed to