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Website Calendar Feeds

The Localist calendar feed widget enables you to promote events by displaying them on any website.

If your calendar feed resides in an editable region on your website in  CleanSlate CMS  or uses the web calendar feed snippet from the CleanSlate page editor, follow these s teps to update or create  a calendar feed:

  1. Visit the  WVU Web Calendar and scroll to the main listing of events.
  2. Expand the calendar resources menu and select the Widget Builder option.
  3. Set the values listed below on the Widget Builder and use the remaining optional fields only as necessary.
  4. Once your widget options are set, click on the button labeled Generate Embed Code.
  5. Copy the resulting generated code. Include only the first DIV and SCRIPT tags, but do not include the footer DIV at the bottom.
  6. Edit the web page that contains the calendar feed in CleanSlate and replace the content of that region with a new HTML Snippet (not the web calendar snippet) from the Snippet menu. Paste the widget builder code you copied in step 5 into the snippet content, save your changes and publish the page, and visit the live website to review the results. Remember to publish the page once you're finished making changes.

Standard Widget Builder Values

  • TEMPLATE: CleanSlate - Default
  • DAYS AHEAD: 90
  • DEPARTMENTS: (select only those department(s) of events to be included in your feed)
  • CONTENT MUST MATCH: any place, group, keyword, tag or filter item (adjust if necessary to match your other filter selections)
  • INCLUDE STYLES: deselect this option

If your calendar feed resides in a website theme or template, or in another location that you can't edit directly, please contact the web prof tech, designer or communicator managing your website and refer them to the instructions below. Include the URL of the page containing the calendar feed, your department and any other pertinent event classification details.

Calendar feeds that reside on Health Sciences websites are managed centrally. Please ensure that your imported events are   classified appropriately and contact the   Health Sciences Center Help Desk for further assistance.